Eastman Electric Guitars Buying Guide

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As a guitar enthusiast and advisor, I am here to provide you with a comprehensive buying guide for Eastman electric guitars. Whether you’re a professional musician or a passionate beginner, selecting the appropriate electric guitar is of utmost importance in order to attain the desired tone and enhance your playing experience. In this guide, I will take you step by step through the different factors you need to consider when purchasing an Eastman electric guitar. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the details!

Understanding Electric Guitars

Before we delve into the specifics of Eastman electric guitars, let’s first gain a general understanding of electric guitars. These instruments differ from acoustic guitars in that they require amplification to produce sound. They feature pickups that convert the string vibrations into electrical signals, which are then amplified and played through speakers.

Types of Eastman Electric Guitars

Eastman is renowned for producing high-quality guitars that offer exceptional craftsmanship and tonal versatility. When exploring their electric guitar range, you’ll come across various models, each with its own unique characteristics. Here are some of the popular types of Eastman electric guitars:

Eastman T-Series

These guitars are inspired by vintage designs and offer a classic tone suitable for blues, rock, and country genres.

Eastman T386:

The T386 is a versatile semi-hollow electric guitar with a double-cutaway design. It features a laminate maple body with a solid center block, providing enhanced sustain and resistance to feedback. The T386 is equipped with two humbucker pickups, offering a warm and full-bodied tone suitable for blues, rock, and jazz. With its sleek aesthetics and comfortable playability, the T386 is perfect for both stage and studio performances.

Eastman T486

The T486 is a premium semi-hollow electric guitar, known for its exceptional craftsmanship and tonal versatility. It boasts a solid center block and a figured maple top, providing enhanced sustain and resonance. The T486 is equipped with two humbucker pickups with coil-splitting capabilities, allowing you to achieve both vintage and modern tones. With its elegant aesthetics and smooth playability, the T486 is a favorite among discerning guitarists who seek a versatile instrument for various genres.

Eastman T484

The T484 is a semi-hollow body electric guitar. That means it’s got a bit of empty space inside the body, which gives it a unique, warm sound. But don’t think that it’s all about looks – this guitar can really sing! It comes with two humbucker pickups that give it a versatile range. You can play everything from blues and jazz to rock and roll, and the T484 will be right there with you.

The top of the guitar is made from laminated maple, while the back and sides are also maple. This kind of wood is known for its bright and resonant sound. It really adds to the character of the guitar and makes every note shine.

Eastman AR-Series

Known for their jazz-inspired aesthetics and warm, rich tones, these guitars are ideal for jazz and blues players.

Eastman AR372CE

The AR372CE is a classic archtop electric guitar with a single-cutaway design. It features a fully hollow body construction with a carved spruce top and maple back and sides, providing a warm and resonant tone with excellent acoustic projection. The AR372CE is equipped with two humbucker pickups, delivering a versatile range of tones suitable for jazz, blues, and rock. With its elegant aesthetics, vintage-inspired sound, and comfortable playability, the AR372CE is an excellent choice for professional musicians and jazz enthusiasts.

Eastman AR503CE

The AR503CE is a premium archtop electric guitar with a single-cutaway design. It features a fully hollow body construction with a carved spruce top and maple back and sides, delivering a warm, resonant, and responsive tone. The AR503CE is equipped with two humbucker pickups and a floating pickup design, allowing for precise tonal control and enhanced acoustic character. With its impeccable craftsmanship, vintage aesthetics, and superb playability, the AR503CE is highly regarded by professional jazz guitarists.

AR-Series Summary Table

ModelConstructionBodyPickupsFeaturesBest Suited For
AR372CEFully HollowSpruce/Maple2 HumbuckersClassic Archtop Design, Vintage Sound, Elegant AestheticsJazz, Blues, Rock
AR405ESemi-HollowMaple2 HumbuckersModern Playability, Balanced ToneVarious Genres
AR503CEFully HollowSpruce/Maple2 HumbuckersPremium Craftsmanship, Vintage Aesthetics, Superior PlayabilityJazz
AR605CEFully HollowSpruce/Maple2 HumbuckersExceptional Craftsmanship, Superior Tonal QualityJazz, Blues,

Eastman SB-Series

If you’re into rock or heavier genres, the SB-Series guitars deliver powerful tones with excellent sustain.

Eastman SB59

The SB59 is a solid-body electric guitar that pays homage to the iconic electric guitars of the late 1950s. It features a mahogany body with a carved maple top, delivering a warm and resonant tone with excellent sustain. The SB59 is equipped with two humbucker pickups, capturing the vintage PAF-style sound with clarity and dynamics. With its classic design, versatile tone, and superb craftsmanship, the SB59 is a favorite among blues, rock, and classic rock guitarists.

Eastman SB56

The SB56 is a solid-body electric guitar that emulates the classic electric guitars of the 1950s and 1960s. It features a solid mahogany body, delivering a warm and resonant tone with excellent sustain. The SB56 is equipped with P-90 pickups, capturing the vintage single-coil sound with clarity and punch. With its retro aesthetics, vintage-inspired tones, and impeccable craftsmanship, the SB56 is a popular choice for players seeking the timeless rock ‘n’ roll sound.

Eastman SB Series summary table

ModelConstructionBodyPickupsFeaturesBest Suited For
SB59Solid BodyMahogany/Maple2 HumbuckersClassic Design, Vintage PAF SoundBlues, Rock, Classic Rock
SB55DCSolid BodyChambered Mahogany2 HumbuckersVersatile, Contemporary AestheticsRock, Blues, Alternative
SB56Solid BodyMahoganyP-90 PickupsRetro Design, Vintage Single-CoilClassic Rock, Rock ‘n’ Roll
SB59/VSolid BodyMahogany/Maple2 HumbuckersVintage Design, Authentic ToneBlues, Rock

Factors to Consider When Buying an Eastman Electric Guitar

When it comes to purchasing an Eastman electric guitar, there are several factors that deserve careful consideration to ensure you make the right choice. Let’s delve into these factors in detail:

Budget Considerations

First and foremost, it is important to determine your budget range. Eastman offers guitars at various price points, catering to different budgets. Striking a balance between your budget and desired features is crucial.

Body Style and Tonewoods

The body style of an electric guitar plays a significant role in its sound and playability. Eastman electric guitars are available in different body styles, including solid-body, semi-hollow, and hollow-body. Each style possesses distinct sonic characteristics and aesthetic appeal.

  • Solid Body: Guitars like the Eastman T-Series offer enhanced sustain, clarity, and versatility, suitable for a wide range of musical styles.
  • Semi-hollow and Hollow-body: Guitars like the Eastman AR-Series provide a resonant, warm, and rich tone, perfect for jazz and blues players seeking a vintage sound.

Tonewoods also contribute to the overall sound of an electric guitar. Eastman guitars often feature high-quality tonewoods such as mahogany, maple, and spruce. Mahogany offers warmth and depth, while maple provides brightness and clarity. Consider tonewoods that align with your tonal preferences when selecting your Eastman electric guitar.

Pickups and Electronics

Pickups play a crucial role in capturing the guitar’s vibrations and converting them into electrical signals. Eastman electric guitars offer various pickup configurations, including single-coil, humbucker, or a combination of both. Single-coil pickups produce crisp and bright tones, while humbuckers deliver a thicker, warmer sound with reduced noise.

To determine the ideal pickup configuration for your needs, consider the genre and playing style you prefer. Additionally, certain Eastman electric guitars incorporate built-in electronics, offering additional features like tone controls and coil-splitting options. These enhancements allow you to shape your sound and further enhance your musical expression.

Playability and Comfort

The playability and comfort of a guitar greatly impact the enjoyment of playing. Factors such as neck shape, fretboard radius, and overall ergonomics contribute to how comfortable the guitar feels in your hands.

Eastman electric guitars are known for their superb playability. They typically feature well-crafted neck profiles that offer a comfortable grip for both chordal and lead playing. Additionally, their fretwork is precise, ensuring smooth movement across the fretboard.

Sound and Versatility

The sound and versatility of an electric guitar are important considerations as they determine the range of tones you can achieve.

Eastman electric guitars earn their renown through their tonal versatility, which opens up exploration of various genres and musical styles for you. Consider the specific tones you desire and ensure that the Eastman model you choose can deliver them. Whether you seek sparkling cleans, fat bluesy tones, or aggressive rock sounds, Eastman guitars offer a wide sonic palette to suit diverse musical expressions.

Reviews and Recommendations

When making a significant investment like purchasing an Eastman electric guitar, it is beneficial to read reviews and seek recommendations from experienced guitarists. Online platforms, music forums, and professional reviews provide valuable insights into the quality, playability, and sound of different Eastman models.

Pay attention to the experiences shared by others and take note of specific models that consistently receive positive feedback for the features and tones you are looking for. Visiting local music stores and trying out different Eastman electric guitars firsthand can also help assess their feel and sound in person.


In conclusion, selecting the right Eastman electric guitar involves considering various factors, including budget, body style, tonewoods, pickups, playability, sound, and recommendations. Take the time to research and explore different models to find the perfect match for your musical preferences and playing style. With their exceptional craftsmanship and tonal versatility, Eastman electric guitars are an excellent choice for any guitarist looking to elevate their playing experience.


Are Eastman electric guitars suitable for beginners?

Yes, Eastman offers electric guitars suitable for players of all levels, including beginners. Their range provides excellent craftsmanship, tonal versatility, and playability, making them an ideal choice for those starting their guitar journey.

Can I use an Eastman electric guitar for multiple genres?

Eastman designs their electric guitars to cater to various genres and musical styles. Their tonal versatility allows you to explore different sounds and genres, from blues and rock to jazz and beyond.

How do Eastman electric guitars compare to other well-known brands?

Eastman has earned a strong reputation for producing high-quality guitars that can rival other well-known brands. Their craftsmanship, attention to detail, and tonal excellence make them a popular choice among professional musicians and enthusiasts alike.

Can I customize an Eastman electric guitar to suit my preferences?

Yes, Eastman electric guitars can be customized to some extent. You can experiment with different pickups or have a professional luthier modify certain aspects of the guitar to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Do Eastman electric guitars come with a warranty?

Yes, Eastman guitars typically come with a warranty that covers any potential manufacturing defects. It’s advisable to check the specific warranty terms and conditions for the model you choose to ensure proper coverage and peace of mind.

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