Guitar Gear Gems: Torture Eclipse Buzzsaw Guitar

Discover the Torture Eclipse Buzzsaw Guitar, a standout gem in guitar gear. With its industrial aesthetic and rotating saw blade, this unique instrument is sure to catch the attention of musicians worldwide. Also, explore the sale of an original Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive pedal by its designer, Bill Finnegan, and the latest Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat acoustic model.

UAFX Orion Tape Echo

Looking for high-quality vintage-inspired effects pedals? Check out the UAFX Orion Tape Echo, 1176 Studio Compressor, Heavenly Plate Reverb, and Evermore Studio Reverb from Universal Audio's UAFX range. These versatile pedals offer classic tones and true/buffered bypass options. Find out more!

Intuitive Multi-Effects with Baby Audio x Andrew Huang Transit

Discover the Baby Audio x Andrew Huang Transit, an intuitive multi-effects plug-in designed to add depth and excitement to your music. With 18 unique effects and a user-friendly interface, this versatile tool allows you to create flawless transitions and drops in your tracks. Take your music to the next level with the Baby Audio x Andrew Huang Transit today.

Harley Benton Delta Blues Resonator

Discover the soulful sounds of the Mississippi Delta with the Harley Benton Delta Blues Resonator. This resonator guitar is perfect for open tunings and bluesy playing, offering clear and gritty tones. With its high-quality construction and stylish design, it's a must-have for blues enthusiasts. With a square neck and wide nut width, it's ideal for achieving that classic Delta sound. Learn more about this resonator guitar and its features, pricing, and availability.

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