A Guide to the Top 20 Brands Of Acoustic Guitars

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Introduction An exciting journey into the captivating realm of acoustic guitars awaits fellow music enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a budding musician, the selection of the right acoustic guitar brand is essential for an enriching musical experience. In this comprehensive guide, the top 20 acoustic guitar brands available today will be explored. Detailed insights regarding their distinctive features, craftsmanship, and origins will be provided to help make an informed decision. Let’s embark on this melodic adventure together!

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Acoustic Guitars

Body Shape and Size:

The body shape and size of a guitar have a significant impact on its sound and tonal characteristics. Different guitar body shapes, such as dreadnought, concert, jumbo, or auditorium, produce distinct sonic qualities. The shape affects the distribution of sound waves, resonance, and the overall projection of the instrument. For example, larger-bodied guitars tend to have a more prominent bass response and volume due to their increased air volume. Fingerpicking styles often benefit from a tighter and more focused sound, which smaller-bodied guitars provide.

Choice of Tonewoods:

The choice of tonewoods for a guitar has a profound impact on its sound and tonal characteristics. Different tonewoods possess unique properties that contribute to the overall tone, resonance, and sustain of the instrument. The top wood, typically spruce or cedar, plays a crucial role in transmitting the vibrations of the strings and generating the instrument’s sound. Spruce is known for its bright and versatile tonal range, offering clarity and projection. Cedar, on the other hand, produces a warmer and more responsive sound with a quicker attack.

The back and sides of the guitar are often made of tonewoods like rosewood, mahogany, or maple. Rosewood provides rich overtones, strong bass response, and a balanced tonal spectrum. Mahogany delivers a warm and focused sound, particularly well-suited for blues and fingerstyle playing. Maple imparts a bright and articulate tone with excellent note definition. Additionally, the neck wood, such as mahogany or maple, influences the stability and sustain of the guitar. Ultimately, the combination of different tonewoods in a guitar construction creates a distinct sonic character, allowing musicians to explore a vast range of tones and styles.

Construction Quality:

Determining the quality of a guitar’s construction involves assessing various factors that contribute to its overall craftsmanship, playability, and sound. Firstly, the feel and finish of the instrument should be smooth and well-executed, with no rough edges or visible flaws in the paint or varnish. The alignment of the neck and body should be precise, ensuring proper intonation and playability. Checking the joinery and binding is essential; high-quality guitars often feature clean and tight joints, with no gaps or glue residue. The fretwork should be well-done, with properly seated and leveled frets, allowing for comfortable playing without any buzzing or choking notes. The tuners should operate smoothly and hold the strings securely, ensuring stable tuning. Sound-wise, a quality guitar will have a balanced and resonant tone across all strings and frets. It should exhibit good sustain, clarity, and projection.

Playability and Neck Profile:

A well-designed neck profile takes into account factors such as the width, depth, and contour of the neck. A comfortable neck profile allows the player’s hand to wrap around it naturally, facilitating smooth and effortless movement along the fretboard. Different neck shapes, such as C, V, or U profiles, offer distinct feels and accommodate various playing styles. The width of the neck also influences playability, with narrower necks being preferred by players with smaller hands or those who require faster finger movement. Additionally, the fretboard radius, which determines the curvature of the fretboard, impacts the ease of bending notes and executing chords.

Overview of the Top 20 Acoustic Guitar Brands

Taylor Acoustic Guitars:

Established in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, Taylor Guitars has earned a stellar reputation for producing high-quality acoustic and electric guitars. They meticulously attend to detail when crafting their instruments, using premium tonewoods and employing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Taylor guitars are known for their superb playability, versatile tonal range, and excellent intonation. Taylor has revolutionized guitar design with their patented Taylor Neck, improving stability and playability. With a wide range of models available, from the popular Grand Auditorium to the versatile dreadnoughts and travel-sized guitars, Taylor caters to the diverse needs and preferences of guitarists across various genres.

Martin Acoustic Guitars

Many musicians consider Martin guitars to be some of the finest acoustic guitars in the world due to their exceptional craftsmanship, rich tonal quality, and timeless design. Established in 1833, C.F. Martin & Company has a long-standing tradition of producing instruments of remarkable quality. Martin guitars are highly sought after by professional musicians, enthusiasts, and collectors alike. Renowned for their meticulous attention to detail, Martin guitars feature top-notch tonewoods, expert bracing patterns, and impeccable construction. Their instruments offer a balanced and resonant tone, with exceptional clarity and projection. Martin offers a wide range of guitar models, from classic dreadnoughts to smaller-bodied instruments, catering to diverse playing styles and preferences.

Gibson Acoustic Guitars:

Synonymous with heritage, craftsmanship, and a rich musical legacy, Gibson has been making iconic acoustic guitars since the late 1800s. These acoustic guitars craft their instruments with the finest tonewoods, meticulous bracing patterns, and high-quality hardware, resulting in exceptional build quality and attention to detail. The Gibson acoustic guitar produces a warm, full-bodied tone, projects remarkably, and resonates distinctly. Models like the J-45, Hummingbird, and J-200 have achieved legendary status and continue to inspire musicians across genres.

Gibson J-45
Gibson J-45

Fender Acoustic Guitars:

Fender acoustics are renowned for their craftsmanship, playability, and aesthetic impact on the music world. Fender’s acoustic lineup caters to different players and musical styles, offering a range of instruments beyond their well-known electric guitars. Fender acoustic guitars exhibit excellent build quality, utilizing carefully selected tonewoods and meticulous construction techniques.

Fender offers a range of acoustic guitar sizes to cater to different preferences. Known for their bright and vibrant tones, Fender acoustics deliver clarity, projection, and balanced resonance. Guitarists who seek a familiar feel and the ability to transition seamlessly between electric and acoustic playing often favor them. Many guitarists appreciate Fender’s acoustic guitars for their stylish appearance, dependable performance, and distinctive tone. The iconic sound of Fender acoustic guitars is one of the reasons why many musicians choose them as their go-to instrument.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars:

Musicians of all levels know and trust Yamaha’s acoustic guitars. They are praised for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned musician, Yamaha offers a wide range of acoustic guitars to suit every level of expertise. The quality, durability, and affordability of Yamaha guitars have made them a top choice for musicians around the world. By using high-quality tonewoods and precise construction techniques, Yamaha creates guitars that produce rich, balanced tones with great projection and clarity. This combination of quality and value has made Yamaha acoustic guitars popular among beginners, enthusiasts, and professional musicians worldwide.

Seagull Acoustic Guitars:

The exceptional craftsmanship and distinct sound of Seagull acoustic guitars have made them renowned. The skilled luthiers at Seagull craft these guitars with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing their expertise. Seagull guitars use top-notch tonewoods and innovative design for a rich, warm tone with great projection and sustain. Seagull guitars offer great playability due to their comfortable neck profiles and smooth fretwork. Whether it’s their iconic S6 series, the versatile Performer models, or the handcrafted Artist series, Seagull offers a range of options to suit different playing styles and preferences.

Alvarez Acoustic Guitars:

These acoustic guitars are recognized for their outstanding craftsmanship and exceptional sound quality. Alvarez offers a diverse range of acoustic guitars that cater to players of all levels and musical preferences. Known for their attention to detail and use of premium tonewoods, Alvarez guitars deliver a rich and resonant tone, with excellent projection and clarity. Alvarez guitars offer a superb playing experience with their dreadnoughts, folk-sized models, and Artist series. With a reputation for producing instruments that offer a great balance of affordability and quality, Alvarez acoustic guitars have become a preferred choice for beginners, intermediate players, and professionals seeking an instrument that offers superb value and performance.

Blueridge Guitars:

Blueridge acoustic guitars combine the timeless essence of vintage acoustic instruments with modern craftsmanship and affordability. These guitars are meticulously crafted drawing inspiration from the legendary pre-war designs. Blueridge guitars use quality tonewoods and traditional techniques to produce warm, classic tones. Whether it’s their dreadnoughts, OM-style guitars, or smaller parlor models, Blueridge offers a diverse range of instruments to suit various playing styles and preferences. Known for their attention to detail, Blueridge guitars feature exquisite inlay work, vintage-style finishes, and superbly executed bindings.

Guild Acoustic Guitars:

Guild acoustic guitars have a rich history and are celebrated for their exceptional craftsmanship and distinct sound. Since their founding in 1952, Guild has been producing high-quality acoustic guitars that have earned a loyal following among musicians. Guild guitars use premium tonewoods and traditional methods for the best tone and resonance. Whether it’s their iconic dreadnoughts, versatile jumbos, or smaller-bodied models, Guild offers a wide range of instruments to suit different playing styles and preferences. Guild guitars produce warm and balanced tones with excellent projection and clarity. Players seeking a combination of craftsmanship, heritage, and exceptional sound cherish Guild acoustic guitars for their superb playability, classic designs, and a legacy that spans over half a century.

Takamine Guitars:

Takamine guitars are known for exceptional craftsmanship and sound quality. They have a long history of innovative guitar manufacturing since 1962. Crafted with precision using premium tonewoods, these guitars produce a warm, balanced tone with excellent projection and resonance. From their renowned dreadnought models to their smaller-bodied guitars and classical instruments, Takamine offers a diverse range of options to suit different playing styles and preferences. Musicians and guitar enthusiasts alike highly value Takamine guitars for their impeccable playability, comfortable neck profiles, and superior electronics, making them a top choice for both studio recording and live performances.

Eastman Acoustic Guitars:

Eastman acoustic guitars have earned a strong reputation for their exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and outstanding sound quality. Established in 1992, Eastman has quickly risen to prominence in the guitar industry, crafting instruments that embody the essence of classic acoustic guitars. Known for their dedication to traditional methods and handcrafted techniques, Eastman guitars are made with premium tonewoods and meticulous construction. From dreadnoughts to smaller-bodied models, Eastman offers a diverse range of guitars that appeal to different players and musical styles. These guitars produce a warm, balanced tone with excellent projection and clarity, making them a popular choice among musicians and collectors alike.

Washburn Guitars:

Washburn guitars have carved their own unique space in the world of musical instruments, renowned for their innovative designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and rich heritage. With a history dating back to 1883, Washburn has continuously evolved to meet the changing demands of musicians. Washburn guitars offer a diverse range of models, from classic dreadnoughts to modern cutaway and electric-acoustic hybrids, catering to a wide range of playing styles and preferences. Crafted with precision using quality tonewoods and construction techniques, Washburn guitars deliver a distinct and balanced tone with excellent resonance and projection. Known for their superb playability and comfortable neck profiles, Washburn guitars provide a smooth and enjoyable playing experience. From the entry-level models to their high-end signature series, Washburn guitars showcase a commitment to quality and innovation. With a blend of tradition and innovation, Washburn guitars have earned the trust and admiration of musicians around the world.

Cole Clark Guitars:

Musicians worldwide seek out Cole Clark acoustic guitars for their exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design. The skilled craftsmen in Australia meticulously handcraft each guitar using sustainably sourced tonewoods like Australian Blackwood, Bunya Pine, and Tasmanian Blackwood, which lend their unique and rich tonal qualities to the instruments. Cole Clark is known for their forward-thinking approach to guitar construction, incorporating features like internally carved tops and backs, which enhance resonance and projection. Furthermore, their proprietary pickup systems, including the renowned Cole Clark 3-way pickup blend, provide players with versatile and authentic amplified sound. Whether you’re a professional musician or an avid enthusiast, Cole Clark acoustic guitars offer a harmonious blend of superior craftsmanship, innovative design, and exceptional tone, making them a preferred choice for those seeking a truly remarkable instrument.

Breedlove Guitars:

Breedlove acoustic guitars have earned a reputation for their exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design, and distinct tonal character. Founded in 1990, Breedlove has consistently pushed the boundaries of guitar construction, resulting in instruments that offer a unique blend of playability, resonance, and aesthetics. One of their standout features is the use of their proprietary bracing system, known as the Breedlove Bridge Truss, which enhances sustain, balance, and projection. These guitars use premium tonewoods and meticulous attention to detail to produce rich, dynamic tones. Breedlove has different body shapes and sizes, including the popular Concert and Dreadnought models and the eco-friendly Oregon series.

Gretsch Acoustic Guitars:

People revere Gretsch acoustic guitars for their vintage-inspired design, rich heritage, and unmistakable sound. Dating back to the early 20th century, Gretsch has established itself as an iconic American guitar brand, renowned for its craftsmanship and attention to detail. Gretsch’s acoustic offerings are equally impressive, even though they are predominantly known for their electric guitars. Gretsch acoustic guitars feature distinctive features like vintage-style headstocks, elegant body shapes, and eye-catching finishes. Gretsch acoustic guitars use tonewoods like solid spruce and mahogany for a warm, balanced tone. They also have unique appointments like “Neo-Classic” inlays and vintage hardware.

Epiphone Acoustic Guitars:

Epiphone is a renowned brand in the world of acoustic guitars, offering a diverse range of instruments that cater to players of all levels and musical preferences. These acoustic guitars are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, use of quality materials, and affordability. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first guitar or a seasoned musician seeking a reliable instrument for live performances and studio recordings, Epiphone has something to offer. Epiphone acoustic guitars offer great tone and playability, from the classic DR-100 to the vintage-inspired Masterbilt series. With their commitment to producing high-quality instruments accessible to a wide range of players, Epiphone has established itself as a trusted and respected brand in the acoustic guitar world.

Orangewood Guitars:

Orangewood acoustic guitars have quickly gained recognition and popularity among musicians seeking high-quality instruments at an affordable price point. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Orangewood guitars showcase exceptional build quality and rich tonal characteristics. Orangewood has acoustic guitars for all skill levels and playing styles. Orangewood guitars offer impressive performance and value, from the balanced Oliver to the warm and resonant Rey Mahogany. With their commitment to using quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship, Orangewood has earned a reputation as a brand that offers accessible, well-crafted acoustic guitars for musicians of all levels.


Alvarez-Yairi guitars represent the pinnacle of acoustic guitar craftsmanship, combining the expertise of two legendary names in the industry. Alvarez, known for their commitment to quality and innovation, partnered with the master luthier Kazuo Yairi to create a line of instruments that exude excellence. Alvarez-Yairi guitars are handmade with the best materials and techniques, producing beautiful, high-quality instruments. From the exquisite tonewoods to the intricate inlay work, every detail of an Alvarez-Yairi guitar reflects the dedication and skill of its makers. The sound produced by these guitars is rich, vibrant, and nuanced, with exceptional clarity and projection. Discerning musicians who appreciate the harmonious blend of artistry and functionality seek out Alvarez-Yairi guitars, whether they prefer the grand auditorium, dreadnought, or classical models.

Sigma Acoustic Guitars:

Sigma acoustic guitars have established themselves as a reliable and affordable option for guitar players of all levels. These guitars were originally made by Martin in the 1970s and have been licensed to other companies since. Sigma guitars uphold the Martin brand’s reputation for quality and craftsmanship. With a range of models available, including dreadnoughts, OM/000 styles, and travel-sized guitars, Sigma offers a diverse selection to suit different playing styles and preferences. Sigma guitars have earned a reputation for their solid build, excellent playability, and surprisingly good sound quality, despite their lower price point. They often feature solid tops and quality tonewoods, delivering warm tones and good projection. Sigma guitars are popular for beginners and experienced players seeking a reliable and affordable option.

Eastman PCH:

Eastman PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) guitars are highly regarded for their exceptional craftsmanship, playability, and affordability. These guitars are high-quality instruments at an affordable price for beginners and budget-conscious players. Despite their accessible price point, these guitars are constructed with attention to detail and feature quality tonewoods. The PCH series includes dreadnought, grand auditorium, and orchestra models, catering to different playing styles and preferences. Eastman PCH guitars have a balanced and resonant tone with solid spruce or cedar tops and laminated mahogany or sapele back and sides. The comfortable neck profiles and smooth fretwork of these guitars ensure a pleasant playing experience. The PCH series by Eastman is a reliable and affordable choice for beginners and players seeking quality control and sound integrity in an acoustic guitar.


The realm of acoustic guitars offers a delightful journey filled with remarkable craftsmanship, tonal diversity, and rich musical experiences. The top 20 acoustic guitar brands explored in this guide represent excellence in the industry. Each brand offers its unique blend of craftsmanship, tone woods, and sonic characteristics to cater to different preferences and playing styles.

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