Guitar Gear Gems: Torture Eclipse Buzzsaw Guitar

In the world of guitar gear, there are always exciting new releases to explore. One standout gem is the Torture Eclipse Buzzsaw Guitar by Hutchinson Guitar Concepts. This unique instrument draws inspiration from Doug Blair’s Blade Les Paul design, which was famously played by the guitarist of WASP. With its industrial aesthetic and a rotating circular saw blade, this guitar is sure to catch the attention of musicians around the world. Hutchinson Guitar Concepts is no stranger to creating incredible custom designs, and the Torture Eclipse Buzzsaw Guitar is no exception. Read on to discover more about this fascinating instrument and other highlights in the guitar gear world, including the sale of an original Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive pedal by its designer, Bill Finnegan, and the latest Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat acoustic model.

Torture Eclipse

The Torture Eclipse, the latest model from Hutchinson Guitar Concepts, takes its design inspiration from Doug Blair’s Blade Les Paul, which was famously played by the guitarist of WASP. This guitar features a unique and industrial design that sets it apart from other models.

Built Using an ESP Eclipse

To create the Torture Eclipse, Hutchinson Guitar Concepts used an ESP Eclipse as the basis for the design. The ESP Eclipse is a high-quality guitar known for its excellent playability and tone. The team at Hutchinson Guitar Concepts heavily reworked and modified the ESP Eclipse to give it the unique and industrial look of the Torture Eclipse.

Praise from Guitarists

Since its release, the Torture Eclipse has received praise from guitarists around the world. It is currently being featured on Hutchinson’s Facebook page, where guitar enthusiasts can see the guitar up close and learn more about its features. With previous custom guitars built for James Hetfield of Metallica among their list of clients, Hutchinson Guitar Concepts is well-known for its exceptional designs, and the Torture Eclipse is no exception.

Buzzsaw Guitar

The Buzzsaw Guitar is a unique and eye-catching instrument that is sure to turn heads. With its rotating circular saw blade, this guitar offers a distinctive visual appeal and adds a touch of danger to your playing style. The circular saw blade is fully functional and adds a unique sound effect when in use.

Rotating Circular Saw Blade

The rotating circular saw blade is the standout feature of the Buzzsaw Guitar. Located on the body of the guitar, the blade spins while you play, giving a visual and auditory experience unlike any other. The blade is made from durable materials to ensure its longevity and safety during use.

Activation Switch

To activate the rotating circular saw blade, the Buzzsaw Guitar features a dedicated on/off switch conveniently located on the upper bout of the guitar. This switch allows you to showcase the unique feature of the guitar whenever you desire.

For more information and to see the Buzzsaw Guitar in action, you can visit the official Facebook page of Hutchinson Guitars or their company website.

Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive

If you’re a guitarist wanting to add extra warmth and dynamics to your tone, consider the original Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive. Bill Finnegan designed and hand-built this highly sought-after pedal. It’s famous for its transparent and organic overdrive sound.

Original Klon Centaur for Sale

Bill Finnegan is currently offering for sale one of his original hand-built silver units of the Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive. This pedal, available for purchase on his official eBay page, is a rare find and a true gem for guitar enthusiasts and collectors.

Hand-Built Silver Unit

Each hand-built silver unit of the Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive is meticulously crafted by Bill Finnegan himself. The attention to detail and craftsmanship ensure that each pedal delivers the authentic and iconic Klon Centaur sound.

Authenticity and Potential Value

The original Klon Centaur pedals are highly valued for their authenticity and potential investment value. As they are no longer in regular production, these pedals often sell for high sums of money when they become available. However, it is important to be cautious of counterfeit Klon Centaur pedals in the market. Purchasing from reputable sources, such as Bill Finnegan’s official eBay page, ensures that you are getting an authentic and genuine Klon Centaur.

The Real Thing

The availability and desirability of the original Klon Centaur pedals make them highly sought after by guitarists and collectors alike. These pedals are known for their exceptional tone and versatility, making them a valuable addition to any guitarist’s pedalboard.

Availability and Desirability

Original Klon Centaur pedals do not come up for sale often, and when they do, they tend to sell quickly. Their limited availability and reputation for superior sound quality and versatility make them highly desirable among guitar players. Acquiring an original Klon Centaur pedal is considered a significant achievement for many guitarists.

Beware of Fakes

Due to the popularity and high value of the Klon Centaur, counterfeit versions of the pedal have flooded the market. These fakes attempt to replicate the sound and appearance of the original pedal but often fall short in quality and authenticity. To ensure that you are purchasing a genuine Klon Centaur, it is essential to do thorough research and buy from reputable sources.

Limited Production

The original Klon Centaur pedals were produced in limited quantities, adding to their desirability and potential investment value. As a result, these pedals have become highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate their unique sound and build quality.

Serial Number RS 025

One particularly remarkable example of the Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive is the unit with the serial number RS 025. The “RS” in the serial number stands for “Reissue Silver,” indicating that it is an authentic silver unit. This specific unit comes with all the original paperwork and a guarantee from Bill Finnegan himself.

Handcrafted Unit

Like all original Klon Centaur pedals, the RS 025 unit is a handcrafted masterpiece. Built with meticulous attention to detail and using high-quality components, this pedal is a testament to Bill Finnegan’s craftsmanship and dedication to producing exceptional effects pedals.

Original Paperwork and Guarantee

The RS 025 unit comes with all the original paperwork, including documentation and a guarantee from Bill Finnegan. This documentation adds to the authenticity and value of the pedal, making it an even more prized possession for collectors and enthusiasts.

Expected Pricing on eBay

Given the rarity and desirability of the RS 025 unit, it is expected to command a high price on eBay. While it is difficult to determine an exact price, similar original Klon Centaur pedals have sold for several thousand dollars in the past. The final price will depend on the interest and bidding activity of potential buyers.

Affordable Alternatives

While the original Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive pedals are highly sought after, they may be out of reach for some guitarists due to their limited availability and high prices. Fortunately, there are several affordable alternatives that capture the essence of the Klon Centaur sound.

J. Rockett Audio Designs Archer

The J. Rockett Audio Designs Archer is a popular alternative to the Klon Centaur. This pedal delivers the classic Klon-like overdrive sound in a compact and affordable package. With its versatile controls and transparent tone, the Archer is a favorite among guitarists looking for that distinctive Klon Centaur sound.

Electro Harmonix Soul Food

The Electro Harmonix Soul Food is another budget-friendly option that offers a Klon-like overdrive. This pedal provides smooth and transparent overdrive, similar to the Klon Centaur, at a fraction of the price. The Soul Food has gained a reputation for its versatility and affordability, making it an excellent choice for guitarists on a budget.

Wampler Tumnus Overdrive V2

The Wampler Tumnus Overdrive V2 is a special overdrive pedal. It’s inspired by the Klon Centaur. The pedal offers dynamic tones. You can get a transparent clean boost. You can also get smooth, creamy overdrive. The build quality is top-notch. The tone options are versatile. It’s an affordable choice if you want the Klon Centaur sound.

In conclusion, let’s talk about guitar gear. The Torture Eclipse is unique. The Buzzsaw Guitar is visually striking. The Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive is versatile. Each is highly desirable. They suit different tastes and budgets. Think about your own style and needs. Then decide which gear is the best fit for you.

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