Intellijel Sealegs: A Warm and Wobbly Stereo Delay and Reverb Module

In this week’s edition of Midweek Modular, we explore the latest additions to the modular synth world. First up is the Intellijel Sealegs, a warm and wobbly stereo delay and reverb module that aims to capture the essence of sea legs, with its tape, bucket brigade, and crossfading digital delays. Next, we have the WORNG Electronics SoundStage II, a module that revolutionizes the mixing process by allowing users to place sounds in the stereo field and EQ them to fit together seamlessly. Lastly, we have Likaon Instruments Marie’s LFO, which enables users to draw their own waveforms using Bézier curves for precise control over their modular setup. These exciting new modules are sure to inspire and elevate your modular synth experience.

Midweek Modular

Welcome to another edition of Midweek Modular! In this article, we will be exploring three exciting modular synth modules: the Intellijel Sealegs, the WORNG Electronics SoundStage II, and the Likaon Instruments Marie’s LFO. Each of these modules offers unique features and capabilities that can enhance your modular synthesis experience. So let’s dive in and explore what these modules have to offer!

Intellijel Sealegs

The Intellijel Sealegs is a versatile stereo delay and reverb module that brings a touch of warmth and character to your modular setup. Inspired by the importance of having “sea legs” when sailing, the Sealegs aims to provide a wobbly and organic sound that captures the essence of a nautical adventure.

With three different types of delay (Tape, Bucket Brigade, and Crossfading Digital), the Sealegs offers a wide range of sonic possibilities. Additionally, it features input saturation, low and high pass filters, noise and crackle emulation, and a 1970s-inspired reverb. These parameters can be modulated, allowing for even greater control and creativity.

Intellijel has spared no expense when it comes to audio quality. The Sealegs boasts a 96 kHz 24-bit audio I/O with 32-bit floating point processing, ensuring pristine sound quality. Moreover, its straightforward design and slider-based interface make it incredibly intuitive and enjoyable to use.

To get a better idea of what the Sealegs can do, be sure to check out MylarMelodies’ excellent demonstration. It’s a dive into the sonic depths that this module is capable of.

For more information on the Sealegs, visit the Intellijel website. You can also explore more of Intellijel’s offerings on their dedicated page on Gearnews.

WORNG Electronics SoundStage II

If you find the mixing process intimidating or lack the space for traditional mixing equipment, then the WORNG Electronics SoundStage II might be the perfect solution for you. This module provides a unique approach to mixing within the realm of Eurorack synthesis.

The SoundStage II features 21 inputs arranged in a visual representation of a room. The horizontal placement of the patch sockets dictates the panning, while the vertical position controls the frequency content. This allows you to place sounds in the stereo field and EQ them to fit harmoniously with other voices with just a single patch.

Each input on the SoundStage II is equipped with a resonant -12dB Sallen-Key filter, which can be adjusted to control the depth of the filtering. These filters can even be pinged if you’re after a more percussive effect. The module also includes an output control with CV control, giving you the ability to employ sidechain compression.

One of the notable additions in version II of the module is the FX send and return. This enables you to incorporate external effects such as reverb into your mix, further expanding the sonic possibilities offered by the SoundStage II. WORNG Electronics has also implemented various other improvements to enhance the module’s performance and functionality.

With the SoundStage II, you can achieve a cohesive mix with your Eurorack voices without the need for extensive manual intervention. It’s a brilliant tool that simplifies the mixing process and allows your creativity to take the spotlight.

For more details on the SoundStage II, visit the WORNG Electronics website. You can also find more information about WORNG Electronics and their other products on their dedicated page on Gearnews.

Likaon Instruments Marie’s LFO

Likaon Instruments’ Marie’s LFO module brings a unique approach to waveform generation by allowing you to draw your own waveforms. Inspired by a conversation with the creative Marie Ann Hedonia and the ideas of Daphne Oram, Marie’s LFO offers an innovative way to shape and control voltage outputs.

The waveform construction in Marie’s LFO utilizes Bézier curves, a concept similar to those found in Adobe Illustrator. Using an encoder, you can select and manipulate points on the curve, shaping and defining the waveform to suit your needs. This level of control allows you to generate intricate and precise waveforms for modulation purposes.

Marie’s LFO offers both synchronous and asynchronous operation modes, giving you flexibility in how you utilize the module. You can sync it to MIDI or trigger it like an envelope, opening up a world of rhythmic possibilities. The module features four outputs that run on the same curve but can be offset from each other, enabling complex modulation routings.

Beyond its primary use as an LFO, Marie’s LFO can also be pushed into audio rate, turning it into a unique sound source. You can dive into manipulating nodes and nodules on the waveform to create complex and evolving timbres. It’s a module that can keep you mesmerized for hours.

To learn more about Marie’s LFO, visit the Likaon Instruments website.

That concludes our exploration of the Intellijel Sealegs, WORNG Electronics SoundStage II, and Likaon Instruments Marie’s LFO. Each of these modules brings something unique to the table and can greatly enhance your modular synthesis experience. Whether you’re looking for warm and organic delays, simplified mixing capabilities, or the ability to draw your own waveforms, these modules have got you covered. Happy patching!

For additional resources and more information on the featured modules, be sure to check out the dedicated pages on Gearnews.

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