The Strymon Deco Plugin: Adding Character to Your DAW

If you’re looking to add some character to your digital audio workstation (DAW), then the Strymon Deco Plugin is here to help. This versatile software effect brings all the tonal controls of the Deco pedal into your DAW, allowing you to use it on almost any instrument. With two operating modes, Tape Saturation and Double Tracker sections, and additional features like Wide Stereo and Auto Flanger, the Deco Plugin offers a wide range of creative possibilities. Whether you’re a guitarist, producer, or sound designer, this plugin is sure to enhance your sound. Find out more about the Strymon Deco Plugin and where to get it in this article.

Strymon Deco Plugin

The Strymon Deco Plugin brings character to your DAW, offering all the tonal controls of the Deco pedal in a flexible software format. This means that you can now access the unique sound and features of the Deco pedal without needing the physical hardware. The Deco Plugin is not just limited to guitar effects, but can be used on a wide range of instruments, making it a versatile tool for any musician or producer.

Operating Modes

The Deco Plugin offers two operating modes: Normal mode and Studio mode. Studio mode is the default setting and provides an additional 10 dB of headroom to work with. This extra headroom allows for greater flexibility in shaping your sound and ensures that the plugin can handle a wide range of input levels.

Tape Saturation and Double Tracker Sections

Just like the Deco pedal, the Deco Plugin features independent Tape Saturation and Double Tracker sections. These sections can be used individually or together to create a variety of sonic effects. The Tape Saturation section provides warm and smooth saturation, while the Double Tracker section adds depth and width to your sound.

Added Features

In addition to the Tape Saturation and Double Tracker sections, the Deco Plugin also includes some added features that encourage you to use multiple instances of the plugin. These features enhance the creative possibilities and allow you to further shape your sound.

Saturation Controls

The Deco Plugin offers controls for volume, tone, and saturation in the Tape Saturation section. These controls allow you to dial in the desired amount of saturation and shape the tonal characteristics of the saturated signal. Additionally, the plugin includes a low-trim pot, which is useful for creating a more focused sound by attenuating the low frequencies.

Double Tracker Lag Time Control

The Double Tracker section of the Deco Plugin features a Lag Time control that allows you to adjust the delay time between the original signal and the doubled signal. This control now includes a Tempo Sync mode with beat divisions and tap tempo, making it a powerful tool for creating rhythmic effects. With the Tempo Sync mode, you can easily synchronize the double-tracked signal with the tempo of your project.

Wide Stereo and Auto Flanger Features

The Deco Plugin also includes features like Wide Stereo and Auto Flanger. These features add more color and spread to your sound, making it ideal for enhancing synths and vocals. The wide stereo effect creates a sense of spaciousness by spreading the stereo image, while the auto flanger adds a dynamic and swirling modulation to the signal.

Scope of Application

The Deco Plugin has a wide scope of application, making it suitable for various musical genres and styles. Whether you’re working on rock, pop, electronic, or any other genre, the Deco Plugin can add character and depth to your sound. Its versatility allows you to experiment with different settings and create unique textures and tones.

Sound Quality

One of the key considerations when using any plugin is the sound quality. The Deco Plugin delivers the same high-quality sound as the Deco pedal, ensuring that your recordings and mixes sound professional. The plugin is designed to accurately replicate the analog character and warmth that the Deco pedal is known for, so you can trust that you’re getting the best sound possible.

Pricing and Availability

The Deco Plugin is currently available from Thomann at an affordable price. This makes it accessible to musicians and producers of all levels who are looking to add the distinctive sound of the Deco pedal to their DAW setups. The affordable price point combined with the versatility and sound quality of the plugin make it a valuable addition to any virtual effects collection.

More about the Strymon Deco Plugin

For more information about the Deco Plugin, you can visit the official product page on the Strymon website. The product page provides detailed information about the plugin’s features and specifications, as well as audio and video demos that showcase its capabilities. Additionally, you can explore more products from Strymon on their website or through reputable gear retailers.


To get a better sense of the sound and functionality of the Deco Plugin, you can watch videos that demonstrate its capabilities. These videos often provide in-depth explanations and examples of how to use the plugin in different musical contexts. By watching these videos, you can see and hear the plugin in action, helping you make an informed decision about whether it’s the right fit for your creative needs.

In conclusion, the Strymon Deco Plugin brings the unique character and sound of the Deco pedal to your DAW. With its versatile operating modes, independent Tape Saturation and Double Tracker sections, and added features like Wide Stereo and Auto Flanger, the plugin offers a wide range of sonic possibilities. Its affordable price and high sound quality make it a valuable tool for musicians and producers of all levels. Whether you’re looking to add warmth and saturation to your recordings or create expansive and dynamic sounds, the Deco Plugin has you covered.

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