Taylor 314ce Guitar: An In-Depth Review

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Hello there, fellow music lovers! I’m incredibly excited to dive into the world of Taylor guitars today, specifically the Taylor 314ce model. Have you ever wondered what makes Taylor Guitars stand out in the crowd of stringed instruments? Stick around, because we’re about to unravel the mystery behind this beauty.

Diving Deep Into the Specs and Features of the Taylor 314ce

The High-Quality Build

The Taylor 314ce boasts a top-notch combination of solid Sitka spruce and solid Sapele in its construction. The top layer of solid Sitka spruce provides a broad dynamic range and accommodates a versatile range of playing styles. Spruce is also known for its aging characteristics – it sounds even better as it gets older.

On the back and sides, we have solid Sapele, a tonewood known for its consistency and balance. It gives the guitar a warm, bright, and slightly more pronounced midrange. The neck, made from Tropical Mahogany, provides strength and stability, while the West African Crelicam Ebony fretboard adds a touch of luxury, ensuring smooth playing and excellent response.

The Taylor 314ce is a versatile acoustic-electric guitar that combines Taylor’s signature playability with a balanced, articulate sound, thanks to its solid Sitka spruce top and solid sapele back and sides. Boasting Taylor’s revolutionary V-Class bracing, the 314ce promises enhanced dynamic range, sustain, and intonation, making it an excellent choice for studio recording and live performances.

Masterful Design and Construction

The design and construction of the Taylor 314ce are nothing short of exceptional. It has a Grand Auditorium shape, Taylor’s most versatile body design, which offers balanced tonal output and incredible acoustic versatility. The impeccable construction becomes evident in the tight, clean joints, smooth finishes, and the general “feel” of a well-made instrument. The guitar’s binding and rosette design boast of Taylor’s attention to detail.

Cutting Edge ES2 Electronics

One thing that makes the Taylor 314ce really stand out is its state-of-the-art Expression System 2 (ES2). The ES2 is a breakthrough pickup design that delivers the latest in Taylor’s ongoing innovation in acoustic guitar amplification. With three uniquely positioned and individually calibrated pickup sensors, the ES2 captures a more dynamic range of acoustic sound and responds well to a variety of guitar-playing styles.

Dimensions and Weight for Playability

Measuring 20 x 16 x 41 inches, this Grand Auditorium guitar sits comfortably in the lap and is equally suitable for strumming and fingerpicking. The weight, around 4.41 lbs., is also well-balanced, ensuring comfort for long gig nights or recording sessions.

Immersive Sound and Tone Quality of the Taylor 314ce

The Harmonious Sound Quality

A defining characteristic of the Taylor is its sound. The tonal clarity, coupled with the solid Sitka spruce and solid Sapele construction, results in an incredibly vibrant sound. It delivers a bright and focused tone, coupled with an impressive dynamic range, whether you’re softly fingerpicking or belting out high-energy strumming patterns.

Tone Range – Versatility at its Best

The tonal range of the 314ce is impressively wide. The lows are rich but not boomy; the mids are warm, and the highs are crisp, making it highly adaptable to various musical genres and playing styles.

Plugged-In Versus Unplugged Sound

What’s fascinating about this guitar is how it beautifully preserves its acoustic voice when amplified, thanks to its onboard ES2 electronics. Whether you’re playing unplugged at home or plugged in on stage, the 314ce maintains a consistent tonal quality.

Ultimate Playability and Comfort with the Taylor 314ce

Neck Shape and Playability

The guitar features Taylor’s slim “C” shaped neck, which contributes to its remarkable playability. Whether you have small hands or you’re stretching for complex chords, the neck feels comfortable to navigate.

Optimum Guitar Action

The Taylor 314ce comes with a medium action setup, which is the ideal middle ground for most players. It’s low enough for easy fretting of chords and high enough to avoid any buzzing sounds when you strum aggressively. This leads to an effortless playing experience that’s accessible for beginners and appreciated by seasoned players.

Balancing Act: Weight and Size

Let’s talk about balance. With its grand auditorium size, the 314ce achieves a perfect balance in weight distribution, meaning it won’t tilt or feel uncomfortable during play. This design is a testament to Taylor’s thoughtful craftsmanship and enhances your playing experience considerably.

Aesthetic Appeal

This guitar is a sight to behold. Its top is finished with a gloss that not only protects the wood but also enhances its natural beauty. The back and sides are finished with a satin varnish that gives it a classy, vintage feel. The black binding and full-body rosette add understated elegance to the design. Even the guitar’s chrome tuners add a touch of sparkle to this well-crafted instrument. In essence, the Taylor 314ce is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ears.

Taylor 314ce: Value for the Money

Value for money is subjective and depends largely on individual budgets and requirements. However, when you consider the exceptional build quality, high-end materials, innovative pickup system, and the superb sound quality, the Taylor 314ce represents a worthwhile investment. This guitar’s price point puts it in the mid to high range, but it’s clear that each dollar is put to good use in crafting a world-class instrument.

The Pros and Cons: A Balanced View

With all the praise heaped upon the Taylor 314ce, it’s important to remember that no guitar is perfect for every player. Here are some things to consider:


  • Sound Quality: Taylor’s V-Class bracing enhances the dynamic range, sustain, and intonation, resulting in a balanced, articulate sound.
  • Versatility: It’s suitable for a variety of musical styles, from fingerstyle to strumming.
  • Electronics: Equipped with the ES2 pickup system, it offers excellent amplified sound, ideal for live performances.
  • Playability: Taylor’s slim neck profile and ergonomic design ensure comfortable playability.
  • Craftsmanship: Made with high-quality materials and excellent construction, ensuring longevity.


  • Price: For some, the Taylor 314ce might be quite expensive compared to other guitars in its range.
  • Tonal Preference: The clear, bright sound may not suit players who prefer a darker, warmer tone.
  • Limited Aesthetic Options: The design is rather simple and lacks the ornate details that some other brands offer at this price point.
  • Requires Care: Like all solid wood guitars, it needs regular maintenance and is susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity.


So there you have it – a deep dive into the Taylor 314ce guitar. From its top-notch build and features to its beautiful sound, this guitar is undoubtedly a standout. It’s perfect for beginners looking for a quality first guitar, and pros wanting a reliable, great-sounding gig instrument.

Now, it’s your turn. Do you think this Taylor could be your new musical companion?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Taylor 314ce good for beginners?

Absolutely! Its playability and comfort make it an excellent choice for beginners.

How does the Taylor 314ce compare to other guitars in its price range?

In terms of sound quality, build, and features, the Taylor 314ce holds its own against other guitars in its price range.

What type of music is the Taylor 314ce best suited for?

The Taylor 314ce is a versatile instrument suitable for a wide range of music styles, from rock to country to blues.

What’s the key selling point of the Taylor 314ce?

The key selling point of the Taylor 314ce is its superior sound quality, which is thanks to its solid wood construction and the ES2 pickup system.

Where is the Taylor 314ce made?

The Taylor 314ce is made in the Taylor Guitars factory in El Cajon, California, USA.

Taylor 314ce
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