From Modern to Classic: Decoding Five EART Guitars

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Hello there, guitar enthusiasts! Buckle up as we’re about to embark on a sonic journey through the catalog of EART Guitars. This acclaimed manufacturer has truly mastered the art of guitar-making across a diverse range of styles and designs. Today, we’re diving into six distinct series that EART offers: Classic S, Classic T, Headless, EGLP, Jazz, and Modern. In each series, we’ll zero in on one specific model: the NK-VS60, NK-C1, GW2, EGLP, E-335, and TL-380, respectively. These models provide an excellent overview of the variety and craftsmanship that EART brings to the table.

EART Guitars Classic S Series: NK-VS60

Design and Construction

We’ll kick things off with the Classic S Series, highlighting the NK-VS60 model. This stunner boasts a body made from book-matched roasted mahogany, resulting in a visually striking and sonically rich instrument. The roasted maple neck, transitioning from a compound U to C shape, enhances playability, making every strum and pluck a joy.

Tonal Versatility

Where this guitar truly shines is in its tonal versatility. With EART Custom VS60 Alnico V pickups, made in Korea, a world of sonic possibilities opens up. The included 5-way switch, coupled with 2 tone controls and a volume control, provides a vast spectrum of sound options for any style of music.

Modern Features

The guitar features an EART custom modern 2-point synchronized tremolo bridge, also made in Korea, allowing for a wide range of pitch manipulation. Add the dual-action wheel at the bottom for easy and efficient tuning, and you’ve got a truly modern instrument.

Aesthetic Appeal

The NK-VS60 isn’t just about sound and playability; it’s also a real looker. Available in colors like Gloss Poly, Honey Burst, Metal Blue, Metal Green, and Gold, it’s as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the ears.

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Eart Guitars Classic T Series: NK-C1

High-quality Materials

Let’s move on to the Classic T Series and its standout model, the EART Guitars Model NK-C1. This guitar combines a mahogany body, known for its superb resonance and rich lower-mid focused tone, with a beautiful flame maple veneer. The result is an instrument that is both sonically pleasing and aesthetically stunning.

Player Comfort

The NK-C1 goes a step beyond traditional model guitars, which are often known for their “slab” body design. Instead, it features a forearm contour and a belly cut, improving players’ comfort. A scooped heel joint makes high fret access easier, a real bonus for shredders out there.

Smooth Playability

Hand-polished stainless steel frets offer unrivaled durability and a smooth playing surface. The fret ends are also hand-dressed making for a comfortable playing experience even during those big bends.

Unique Neck Profile

The NK-C1 stands out with its unique U to C compound neck profile. It starts with a thicker shoulder on the lower frets and slowly tapers down to a slimmer C on the higher frets. This design, coupled with a 7.25″ to 9.5″ compound fingerboard radius, offers excellent playability whether you’re chording or soloing.

With the NK-C1, EART Guitars shows that the Classic T Series is all about combining high-quality materials, player comfort, and tonal versatility in one stunning package.

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Eart Guitars Headless Series GW2

Unique Design and Materials

Now, let’s delve into the Headless Series, highlighting the model GW2. This guitar offers a truly unique look, with a body of roasted padauk topped with a poplar burl veneer. The warm reddish brown of the padauk, combined with the eye-catching pattern of the burl veneer make for a striking visual display.

Sturdy and Resilient Neck

The neck is an impressive 5-piece combination of roasted maple and padauk. This multi-piece construction doesn’t just look cool; it also ensures stability. So whether you’re tuning down low or using heavier gauge strings, the GW2 keeps its integrity.

Playability and Comfort

When it comes to playability, the GW2 holds its own. Hand-polished stainless steel frets make for a durable and smooth playing surface. It’s all about the bends here, folks, and the GW2 makes them nice and easy. The neck profile follows a compound U to C shape, starting thicker at the lower frets and slimming down towards the higher ones. Coupled with a 9.5″ to 14″ compound fingerboard radius, this guitar offers stellar playability, be it chording or soloing.

Versatile Pickup

Let’s talk about sound. The GW2 comes equipped with an Eart Guitars custom-covered classic 57 Alnico V humbucker made in Korea. This isn’t just any pickup – it’s designed for versatility. Expect glassy treble response and full, tight bass, with clear notes even under high gain or fast speeds. From blues to punk, hard rock to thrash, this guitar can handle it all.

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Eart Guitars Headless Series GW2

Modern Look and Feel

Finally, we can’t forget about the finishing touches. The GW2 has a satin natural neck finish, while the body is available in several satin poly finishes: Trans Blue, Trans Purple, Trans Black, Natural, and Solid Black. All in all, the GW2 is a testament to Eart Guitars’ commitment to modern design, superior playability and wide-ranging versatility.

Eart Guitars Jazz Series: E-335

A Symphony in Mahogany

Meet the E-335 from the Jazz series, a fine piece of artistry from EART. This guitar is drenched in mahogany, with the top, back, body, and neck all crafted from this warm and resonant tonewood. But the magic doesn’t stop there. The neck is made from roasted mahogany, ensuring excellent stability and slightly less weight for a more balanced feel. The use of laminated and solid mahogany in the center block also enhances the warmth and the low-mid presence.

Player-Centric Design

What’s playing comfort without well-crafted frets? The E-335 features hand-polished stainless steel frets that are as durable as they are smooth, making those big bends effortless. The fret ends are also hand-dressed, ensuring no sharp edges to interrupt your jam. The compound fingerboard radius with a rounder design on the lower frets and a flatter one on the higher ones make this guitar equally adept at chord rhythm playing and high-speed shredding.

Savor the Natural Wood Texture

The open pore finish of the E-335 is worth a special mention. This thinner finish doesn’t just look great but also helps preserve resonance and sustain. As you play, your hands can feel the raw, natural texture of the wood, adding another sensory dimension to your music-making.

Smooth Sustain with Bone Nut

EART’s E-335 is fitted with a bone nut. Why does this matter? Because bone, being a hard natural material, is favored by luthiers for higher-end instruments. It promotes sustain and has a natural lubricating property for smoother string movement.

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Eart Guitars Jazz Series: E-335

Versatile Pickup Configuration

Sound-wise, the E-335 doesn’t disappoint. It comes loaded with covered Alnico 5 pickups known for their balanced blend of warm and bright tones. This makes it a versatile performer for various musical styles. The individual volume and tone controls for neck and bridge pickups allow you to craft your sound to perfection.

To sum up, the E-335 is a shining example of EART’s commitment to crafting high-quality guitars. It combines classic design elements with modern innovation, providing not just a tool to make music, but an instrument that enhances the joy of music creation.

Eart Guitars EGLP Series EGLP-620

Craftsmanship Shines in the Body

Imagine a guitar that’s not just another instrument, but a true piece of art. The EGLP-620 fits the bill, thanks to its exquisite body made from bookmatched roasted Okoume and flamed maple.

The Comfort of the Roasted Okoume Neck

Ever held a guitar and felt like it was just made for your hands? You’ll get that feeling with the EGLP-620. Its neck, also made from roasted Okoume, sports a unique compound U to C shape. This means it’s slightly thicker at the first fret and gradually slims down towards the twelfth fret. It fits your hand naturally, making for an enjoyable play, song after song.

Fingerboard Features

The fingerboard of the EGLP-620 deserves special attention. Crafted from rosewood, it hosts a fan inlay that’s a treat to the eyes. The 9.5 to 14-inch compound radius adds to the comfort and playability, whether you’re strumming chords or riffing solos.

Custom Alnico-II Humbucker Pickups

The sound from the EGLP-620 doesn’t disappoint either. It owes its rich and versatile tone to the custom Alnico-II Humbucker pickups made in Korea. With a 3-way switch, a push-pull tone control, and a volume knob, you have everything you need to shape your sound just how you like it.

A Bridge to Perfect Sound

The Sung IL custom Tune-O-Matic Style Bridge with Stopbar Tailpiece rounds off the specs. This sturdy and reliable bridge ensures perfect intonation and easy string changes. Plus, it contributes to the guitar’s impressive sustain.

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Eart Guitars EGLP Series EGLP-620

In conclusion, the EGLP-620 offers a blend of high-quality materials, thoughtful design and excellent performance. It’s a guitar that brings joy to playing and proves itself a worthy addition to the EGLP series.

Eart Guitars Modern Series EAT-1

Roasted Maple Neck and Alder Body

Imagine holding a guitar with a neck that not only offers fantastic stability but is also pleasing to the eyes with its caramel finish. That’s what the EAT-1 gives you with its roasted maple neck. And that’s not all – the alder body balances out the tone and keeps the weight in check, making it a joy to play for hours on end.

The Edge of the Bone Nut

Now, let’s talk about something often overlooked – the nut. Made from bone, this small part makes a big difference to the EAT-1. Bone is known for its durability, sustain, and natural lubrication. Plus, it’s a top choice for high-end instruments – and you’re getting it right here with the EAT-1.

Comfort in Every Fret

Moving on to the frets, these are no ordinary frets. They are hand-polished stainless steel ones, offering a smooth surface for those delightful big bends. Even better, each fret end is hand-dressed, so you can play comfortably without any sharp edges bothering you.

A Neck Profile Tailored for You

One standout feature of the EAT-1 is its U to C compound neck profile. It starts off thicker on the lower frets and gradually tapers down to a slimmer C shape on the higher ones. Add to that a 7.25″ to 9.5″ compound fingerboard radius, and you get a guitar that’s a joy to play, be it for chording or soloing.

Power of Triple Humbucker Pickups

And the sound? It’s superb, thanks to the 3 single coil sized humbucker pickups. They ensure a noise-free performance while delivering a mid-focused tone that can stand out in any mix.

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Eart Guitars EAT-1

In summary, the EAT-1 brings together a thoughtful selection of high-quality materials and well-engineered features. It’s a guitar that delivers on all fronts, be it design, comfort, or sound. The EAT-1 proves itself a solid addition to the Modern Series.

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Wrapping Up Eart Guitars

Let’s put a bow on this review by highlighting the standout aspects of these three exceptional guitars.

First, the EART Jazz Series E-335 wins over guitar enthusiasts with its blend of excellent tonality and unmatched playability. The unique bone nut, hand-polished stainless steel frets and the compound fingerboard radius work together, ensuring a comfortable and inspiring play experience.

The EGLP series ELGP-620, on the other hand, is a testament to the power of innovative design and craftsmanship. The eye-catching fan inlay on the rosewood fingerboard and the impressive Korean-made EART custom Alnico-II Humbucker pickup demonstrate the kind of quality and attention to detail EART brings to the table.

And lastly, the EAT-1 from the Modern Series offers a mix of performance and comfort. The unique U to C compound neck profile paired with the triple humbucker pickup system provides a delightful balance of versatility and ease of play.

Each guitar brings something different to the mix. Depending on what you value most in a guitar – tonality, design, playability – there’s likely a perfect match waiting for you among these three. So, strap on that guitar, pick in hand, and let the music play!

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